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    Picture guidelines

    Are you wondering what makes a good pet portrait?

    Below is a short list for you to make sure that your portrait turns out the way you want it. You are decide the quality of your own portrait by sending us the best picture possible but here are some tips for a good portrait:

    • Try and take a photo of your pet looking in direction of the camera
    • Outdoor natural daylight makes the best photo's. Avoid dark or yellow lighting.
    • Make sure no ears are out of frame.
    • Take a good look to the body you chose. Try to match the body position
    • Avoid blurry photo's
    • Avoid a photo with a filter
    • Avoid a screenshot
    • Try making it a close up of your pet. It enhances the contours of it's face.

    We offer digital art. Take note that we use the photo of your pet in the same orientation as the picture. This means that the pet will look to the left in the portrait, if it's looking to the left in the picture. Make sure that the color is true to life and you are happy with the picture you uploaded.
    We can do little touch-ups on the picture but we cannot make major changes. We work with the existing picture as you send it to us.

    If we receive a photo that doesn't follow our guidelines, we cannot guarantee that the final edit will come out as you want it to. We cannot offer replacements in these cases, so take your time to take a good photo.

    Take note that all examples on the website are made from high quality photos. It's your own responsibility to make sure the photo you provide meet the above guidelines.

    Below is a picture of what we see as a good quality picture and body position.


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